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LiveNet (Alpha) re-released

We are pleased to announce that the release of LiveNet (Alpha) Re-Release is now available (again) for download. This version adds to the original release and now includes SilverLight Streaming from Windows Live and using LiveNet for this will allow you to access the applications that you have already got in your Silverlight Streaming account, as well as allowing you to upload to that account as well and add projects to it.

Supported APIs

Currently LiveNet supports the following APIs:
Bug Fixes

The main release download comes with the binary and the chm documentation, although the documentation is available as a seperate download if required.

It is worth downloading the sample website and application (for SLS) and loading that up in Visual Studio to give you an idea of just how simple it is to use LiveNet in your web application (or client application). Please refer to the ReadMe.txt that comes with the Sample Site.

We love feedback, good or bad. Have you run into a problem using LiveNet? Have you implemented LiveNet into your site/application? Let us know. Go to the Discussions section of this site and voice your thoughts and opions.

About the Developers
LiveNet is a joint project that was the creation of Scøtt Lovegrove and Luke Smith.

Scøtt (or ScottIsAFool) is a Windows Live Platform MVP and one of the main staff writers for and his main area of interest on LiveSide is in Windows Live Development, and with Windows Live Writer he has created some of the most downloaded plugins for it. In his professional life, Scøtt is a UK based Software Tester.

Luke is an ASP.Net developer and currently works for SportsDo, and most recently working on the TrackMe project which got showcased during the MIX:UK 07 keynote.

Older Release Information

LiveNet 0.1 (Alpha) released

We are pleased to announce that the first release of LiveNet is now available for download. LiveNet is a .Net wrapper for the Windows Live APIs that are currently available (for information on these, please visit At the moment only the Windows Live Spaces Photos API is in LiveNet, but we are planning on adding further APIs to this project.

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